Thursday, July 8, 2010

All he's missing is the rimshot.

This is what's supposed to pass for amusing and interesting conversation, apparently.

haha: Yo
me: hello.
haha: What up?
me: nothing. you?
haha: Driving home
me: oh, that's safe.
haha: Like you've never done it
me: text and drive? at a red light.
haha: Who says I'm not
me: that's a lot of red lights.
haha: Too many
haha: Here's another.
haha: When did 84 get all these?
me: there's one red light on 91. legitimately. there are none on 84.
haha: Guess I'm hallucinating.
haha: What's that turtle doing here?
haha: Honestly, I'm stuck in a jam
me: oh. I see.
haha: Some accident.
haha: Exit 40. Look it up.
me: nah.

Are you riveted yet?

haha: I just wanna go pass out
me: me too.
haha: At work?
me: nope.
haha: So why not?
me: I dunno, there's some dude trying to talk to me.
haha: Shall I let you go?
me: either that or start getting interesting.
haha: Hey. That's hardly fair. I'm stuck in traffic.
me: and that's not interesting.
haha: No need to be a snob about it.
me: I'm...not?
haha: You are actually.
me: well everyone's entitled to an opinion.
haha: And I think you're acting like a snob for my limited conversation due to my current location not meeting your standards. If I'm not "interesting" enough, I don't see you dropping any Mark Twain shit into this discussion.

Hold up a second there, Shecky. Didn't you IM me? Why do I need to be Mark Twain? I was content, y'know...not talking to anyone.

me: if you had nothing to say, why did you send me an IM?
me: burden of maintenance is on you. you started the conversation.
haha: Says the 21st century woman.


me: nice job trying to twist it into something it's not.
me: you wanted to talk to me. you're not really talking.
haha: I've said a lot more than you. In fact, this imaginary turtle has said more than you.
me: "I'm in a traffic jam." oh yeah, so many places to go from there.
haha: You could've said anything. I was trying to be humorous. If you're that numb to comic relief, no wonder you're single.

Can't possibly be that it wasn't funny because you're trying too hard. Nope.

me: I just didn't find it funny.
haha: And what sort of wit amuses you, Grumpy McWetblanket?
me: the kind that isn't forced.
haha: It wasn't. I naturally am like this.
me: then apparently I don't find you funny.
me: life will go on.
haha: But not this conversation. Good luck finding some dude dumb enough to look past that telephone pole cemented in your anus.
me: way to be a dick just because I'm not falling all over you. I'll be just fine, thanks.

I love how they always pretend they're the one that wanted to end the conversation.

The irony in all this is that this guy bills himself as a stand-up comedian. I can say for certain I will not be buying tickets to his shows.


  1. I do like "Grumpy McWetblanket," though. I'm going to have to use that more often.

  2. Since you're not interested, you wanna send me his particulars, he sounds interesting. :o)