Friday, February 8, 2013

I Should Message Him Telling Him We're Looking for a Third

Ah, it's been a long time...but ever since I put that I'm seeing someone on OKC, I don't get a lot of messages. Of course, if I never got any messages, I wouldn't be making this update.

For example, I just got a message from this gentleman, who happens to be sixteen years older than I am:

so are you done wth your boyfriend or are you looking for someone in addition to him?

So I looked at his profile. In it, he says "if you are married, still in a relationship, or not over the last one you were in, please save us the trouble."

WHY would you message someone whose profile says she's in a relationship if one of your dealbreakers is...people in relationships? Or even if I was looking to replace my boyfriend, would you really want to date someone who would replace you before the relationship was even actually over?

Mind boggled.

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