Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre-Marital Hanky Panky!

Him: when was your last realtionship
Me: guy i was sorta dating just decided yesterday that he wanted to be just friends, actually.
Me: but it hadn't been going on that long.
Him: awww
Him: so wasnt' a long term?
Me: no
Him: when was last relationship
Me: ended jan 2009
Him: wow, so no hanky panky for almost a year?

I can't decide which of the following is the worst part:
  1. That he assumes "hanky panky" only happens within the confines of a serious relationship (or at least that it does for the womenfolk).
  2. That he thinks a year is a long time to go without "hanky panky."
  3. That he used the phrase "hanky panky" unironically.
  4. That Jan 2009 to now is "almost a year."
  5. That he lives in a world where that is an appropriate question to ask someone he's just met and is considering dating.

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