Sunday, May 16, 2010

Know what sucks? Fun. Fun sucks.

I do so enjoy when they don't even start with "hello."

funguy: dtf?
me: ...huh?
funguy: down to fuck
me: considering I didn't even know what that meant, I'm gonna go with no.

...seriously? Do people actually say that? Are we that lazy now? Is this the "sexting" kids do?

funguy: oh do u like to have fun?
me: no, I hate it. what kind of question is that?

It's absolutely appalling how many times I've said this to people. Usually they're trying to ask if I want to fool around with them, because apparently that's synonymous for "fun" these days.

funguy: lol well i mean do u like to meet nice guys and have fun with them
me: and what do you consider "fun"?
funguy: getting to know u and u me, talking really getting to know one another, laughing smiling

Here he has described "dating." Which, when done correctly, does have the potential to be fun.

me: again...what kind of question is that? sounds like an awful time to me.
funguy: oh ok, well pce

His sarcasm detector is broken, it would seem. And I didn't know it was that difficult to type "peace."

Naturally, I needed to have the last word.

me: work on some better openers, dude.


  1. I swear, we don't even have to write these posts. They write themselves.

  2. THAT'S what that means. I've had guys message me on OKC asking the same dtf? thing.

    Wow. I feel dumb XD.