Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh baby.

I do not know the genesis of this encounter, you go.

I had noticed this guy sent me an IM on Yahoo! Messenger a few days ago, but I wasn't around. And I'm fairly certain he sent me a friend request, but I denied it. Yet somehow he ended up on my buddy list.

bigbaby: hi
bigbaby: how are you
bigbaby: wanna chat
me: depends. who are you?
bigbaby: james
bigbaby: from diaperspace, you added me
me: from...where?
bigbaby: do you like playpens?
me: uh... you have the wrong person.

And then Amadei had to go and link me to DiaperSpace. I can assure you I was not there. To each their own. But...dude, no. Just no.

(Honestly? Now that I think about it... I'm betting this is a guy from OKCupid who added me on Facebook, then sent me an IM on AIM and pretended he didn't know me. Creepy.)

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  1. That is ten out of ten on the creepy scale!! EEK!