Friday, April 2, 2010

He would like to buy a vowel.

I have no words. And he doesn't seem to have any, either. At least not entire ones.

shorthand: hmm .... whr ar u


me: are you trying to ask me WHERE I am?
shorthand: yup yup

Oh, that clears things up.

me: that information is on my profile, I'm fairly sure.
shorthand: ya bt it doesnt tells d current loctn i mean ur in offce home etcc
me: wow... I'm not answering anything until you start asking it in English.
shorthand: haha its in english dear .. iiam just using shorthand

I have never seen any shorthand that looks like that. Am I missing something?

me: and it makes you look stupid.
shorthand: haha
shorthand: really
me: really.
shorthand: actually its hard to type entire words exactly while chatting
me: that's funny... I manage to do it. I don't find it difficult at all.
shorthand: because you arn't use too of it
shorthand: am :P

That doesn't even make any sense. Of course I'm not used to it. Because I like appearing literate in my interactions with other people.

shorthand: so ... wat you do in general
me: I'm sorry... I'm afraid we're going to hit an enormous language barrier. perhaps we should end it here.
shorthand: lol
shorthand: fine lady its all your wish
me: well that's the first sentence I've understood.

Let me just add here... He was 24. Far too old for this half-assed attempt at communication. Oy.

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