Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll Just Leave This Here...

I do not know if this profile is for real.

But, working on the assumption that I'm not being punk'd, I'm very, very concerned for the human race.

Very concerned.

My hopes are that his profile is being truthful when it says he has no children, and perhaps that he Darwin himself attempting to join the Guinness Book for largest methane flame.


  1. dude. at least everything is in complete sentences and grammatically correct.

    i say, message him and determine if he's telling the truth. heh.

  2. I would, except his profile picture is of him shirtless in the classic I'm-holding-my-phone-in-front-of-me-to-take-a-pic-real-quick pose. That just makes me go yuck.

    Oh, and his username is something like Ihavedonehardtime.