Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Much Honesty, Part V: What the...?

I probably should have figured that if I spent any time at all with my OKCupid IM client on, he would have IMed me again, but it didn't really cross my mind. Thus, he popped up again last night:

Honest: you are rather lovely
Me: thank you.

I was seriously reading this with one eyebrow glued to the ceiling.

Honest: will we ever get to meet?
Me: beats me.
Honest: hahah
Honest: because i'd love to have you :)

I'd like to believe that this is really one of you readers out there screwing around with me, but as he started IMing me before Heather and I conceived the idea for this blog, I'm left with the unfortunate conclusion that he honestly thinks this is going to get me to meet with him.

At any rate, I signed off last night and fell asleep. Today, when I signed on, I didn't realize that the IM client was still running when I got another message:

Honest: hello :)
Me: hallo.
Honest: how are you, my sweet cake?

Quick interjection: "My sweet cake?" I'm not as anti-pet names as Heather is, but don't you have to have had some sort of relationship above hi-how-are-you-wanna-make-out before you get into them?

Me: i suppose i'm alright.
Honest: wanna makeout?
Me: with you? no.
Honest: oh, why not

That little "oh" made me feel like I had just kicked a puppy.

Me: because it is undeniably creepy that every time you IM me, you jump straight to making out/making love/whatever.
Honest: wow
Me: wow?
Honest: well i think you being so closed off is creepy, bye

Who wants to start a betting pool as to when the next time he'll message me is? Anyone?


  1. OMG, I love your blog! I am now, after only reading 2 posts, a loyal follower. Not because I'm from swap-bot and have to, but because of your all'round awesomeness. :o)
    Keep going, girls. You make us laugh. BTW, have you ever read hyperbole and a half? She has an awesomely funny blog too. Go here:
    I think you'll like her.
    I'm Jaemac (Jenn) from Swap-bot, btw and I am now happily following your fantastic blog!

  2. hi...i'm andrew wiggin from Fark. i really enjoy your blog and now have it bookmarked. intellectual hilarity at its best! and your issues with Honest...i'm crying over here! my E is in my P on Fark if you ever want to chat :)