Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm actually from Uranus.

Okay, so we're just going to file this under "I Seriously Hope a Head Injury Can Explain this Behavior."

etlover: hey
me: hello.
etlover: how are you
me: fine. you?
etlover: im doin good
etlover: where u from
me: um... did you read my profile?
etlover: only for a sec
me: but not the part right at the top that says...where I'm from?
etlover: ohhh your gettin funny you fucking alien
me: lol. alien? okay.
etlover: extra terestrial
etlover: E.T
me: yeah, I got that part. just not sure why you're calling me one.
etlover: it wouldn't be cause you look like an alien or anything
me: oh, so that's where this is going.
etlover: maybe
me: that would be highly mature and dignified of you.
etlover: stfu you alien
etlover: seriously goo back to mars
me: lol. have you been drinking?
etlover: i dnt drink
me: then what's your excuse?
etlover: the fact that you look like an alien maybe.....
etlover: perhaps
me: oh, you're just a jackass? got it.
etlover: ur an alien
me: okay, if you say so.
etlover: i do say sooo
etlover: i shuld contact the auothorites
me: so you didn't read my profile, and you think I look like an alien. what was the point of IMing me?
etlover: cause ive never talked to a alien before
etlover: and i my penis is quite sizeable
me: well. you still haven't. and...congratulations?
etlover: soo your not an alien
me: not that I'm aware of.
etlover: i beg to differ
me: on what grounds?
etlover: on the grounds that you look liek an alien
me: alright. well I'm about done here. have anything substantial to say, or are you just going to continue being ridiculous?
etlover: alien
me: okay. have a good night, then.
etlover: k alien

I don't even think there's anything else I can say about this. Except that Amadei has Psychic Tagging Abilities.

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