Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just lie there.

This one seemed literate. I wasn't as skeptical as I usually am.

We exchange our pleasantries, and then he says:

demanding: hmm i'm not sure we're very compatible according to your questions and answers :p

To which I wanted to reply, "Then why did you even IM me?" But I, y'know...didn't. Instead we talked it out.

demanding: you'd let your partner have sex with someone else if they had a fetish to satisfy? :p
demanding: like the biggest fetish i can think of is an amputee
me: that was a tricky one for me.
me: I don't necessarily think sexual infidelity is the same as emotional infidelity, so that might not bother me if it was JUST sex.
demanding: well they are different i agree
me: I'm not into open relationships or anything like that, though. as soon as I saw it was more than superficial, I'd be gone.

This was why we were incompatible? Really?

demanding: well in any case i have a pretty high sex drive and I'm a fairly demanding partner
me: oh. well congratulations on that.
demanding: yeah we're not that compatible :p

Note that I actually said nothing about my own sex drive there. But I will now.

me: it completely boggles my mind that you'd go there right away.
me: that right there tells me something.
demanding: my ex wife used to just lie there
demanding: I'm not going through that again

Whoa, TMI. Didn't need to know that about your ex wife, pal.

me: so wait a minute...
me: you send a total stranger a message on an online dating site, and your first thought is, "I wonder how the sex would be"?

He had no response to that. Too bad. I really wanted to know how that approach worked out for him.

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  1. Why DID he message you if he had already decided you were incompatible? Did he want you to argue with him over it? I wish he had responded!