Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you understand the words coming out of my fingers?

This eloquent gentleman sent me an IM last night.

mrilliterate: what up
me: hello.
mrilliterate: u have yahoo or aol
me: yes.
mrilliterate: add me

Uh, excuse you. Don't tell me what to do. And we're talking here. What's the rush?

me: why would I do that?
mrilliterate: to talk more
me: and how do I know I want to talk to you?
mrilliterate: lol
me: oh, great answer.

At this point, I'm wondering if he can even comprehend sentences longer than two words...

mrilliterate: how do i look
me: is that supposed to be the deciding factor?
mrilliterate: k

That's...not an answer.

mrilliterate: what u think of my profile
me: haven't read it. I'm unimpressed with the sentence fragments I'm seeing here thus far.

He doesn't know what that means.

Then just when I thought he was gone...

mrilliterate: u read it yet
me: yes.
mrilliterate: what u think
me: what do you think I think?
mrilliterate: idk
me: did you read MY profile? because then I think you'd know.

He's a hardcore Christian, and he's into things like four-wheeling and NASCAR. He mentions he had to have someone type out his profile for him so that it was comprehensible. Oh, and he lives 1000 miles away. No thanks.

mrilliterate: no
me: oh, so I'm expected to read yours but you can't give me the same courtesy? that's nice of you.
mrilliterate: nice

He's reminding me of someone who is clearly not listening when someone else is talking, so they pick out key words and repeat them to make it appear as if they're paying attention. Those nineteen words were obviously TL;DR for him.

me: I'm pretty sure you just sent me an IM because I have boobs.
mrilliterate: no
me: then why if you don't even know what I'm about?
mrilliterate: just u was on and your pic was cuite
me: same thing.

First of all... "You was"? That makes me twitchy. And second... I really, sincerely do not understand this. We have online dating profiles so that we can learn something about a person first and not waste their time talking when we're not compatible. Unless I'm wrong and "your pic was cuite" is enough upon which to base a relationship.

Thankfully he got the hint after that. Oy.

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