Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Driving: A Useless Gesture

This came after I, again, was insisting that I don't just randomly meet people for the first time at their houses.

Driven: i don't drive
Me: why?
Driven: do i need a reason
Me: no. i was just wondering.
Driven: it's a useless gesture
Me: driving or wondering?
Driven: driving
Me: why?
Driven: how many cars do you see on any given road at any time?
Driven: answer: too many
Driven: how many people die because of automobile?
Driven: too many
Driven: how many gallons of crude oil need pumped from the ground to fuel all of these things?
Driven: too many
Driven: it's disgustingly excessive

Well...okay, then...I'll just take my little driving-enjoying-self and go over here to guzzle some more crude oil.

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