Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had the misfortune of being away from the computer for this one.

realwinner: u look like u have amazing jugs...

...really, dude? Really? I'm not sure if that offends me on principle, or simply because people still use the word "jugs."

realwinner: i guess your not talkative, but i just wanted to give you a compliment. havea nice day.

Oh yes, that's quite a compliment. Making a creepy comment about my breasts.

And then about three hours later, when I was also, sadly, away from the computer...

realwinner: sorry about the comment about your breasts before. i didn't mean to offend u.

Well, least he apologized. Hopefully my unintentional silence will tell him that's not exactly the best way to approach a woman. Which is probably much nicer than what I would have said to him had I been present.

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