Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Moments in Profile Writing.

That title is sarcastic. Just so you know.

This is a smattering of the wonderful stuff I read while perusing profiles this afternoon.

I like to stay active but I'm also a big fan of relaxing, I guess it all depends.

Wait a minute... You mean sometimes you like to do things, and sometimes you don't? Impossible!

I look like that preppy kid in highschool that no one liked.

That's...really not going to help people like you now, is it? And yes, you do look like that guy. It must be the popped collar, douche.

I have a funny sense of humour -I like saying things that will make a person just burst out laughing.

I thought that was the point... In other news: Water is wet, the sky is blue, and you're still single.

i want that relationship that is just perfect. perfect takes work and im not afraid to do it.

You will be working for a very long time, my friend. A very long time.

Im a goofy funny guy who is tired of the same small town life ive grown up in. I love riding my quad and hanging out with the guys. i love the outdoors, hiking, camping, snowboarding... and the list goes on.

Good luck finding that stuff in the city, dude. I hear they frown upon sidewalk camping.

Im Paul, lol, and honestly youd probably have better chances with one of my friends.

Paul, I don't think you understand online dating...

getting my life back so i can start my own Remolding company

"Remolding"? Sounds like a scam to give mold removers more work... I'm calling the Better Business Bureau.

I don't read books often, unless required to do so. Although I have most recently started reading "Arguing with Idiots," by Glenn Beck. Yeah, i'm conservative.

Do I even need to comment on this?

im a virgo so im very neat and clean shaving..

I know many hairy Virgos. Are you sure you're not a Libra? I hear they like to shave.

Dogs/Cats?: Ether

Oh shit, hide your pets!

I'll do this again sometime. There's so much to work with.

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  1. "Dogs/Cats?: Ether
    Oh shit, hide your pets!"

    Good God, this made me laugh so hard my parrot joined in!! She mimics my laugh perfectly, it's a little creepy, lol.
    Thanks again for such a fantastic blog! You're now on my shortlist of blogs to check daily.
    Jaemac from swapbot.