Monday, February 1, 2010

Application DENIED

This wasn't initially what I was going to post today, but it popped into my inbox and I think it warrants a closer look.

The following comes from Ervin on whose tagline simply reads "good looking."

I think that nursing has a great future. I’m interested in nursing problems for many years and now I have a strong desire to help people. I seek out opportunities for growth and development in my new role. According to structure career development opportunities and to my future plans I believe that as every nurse I shall be able actualize my goals within chosen career path with the opportunity for professional growth and advancement. There were received important knowledge during my courses and I feel myself ready to practical activity. I knew theoretical aspects of nursing science and also I have several interesting ideas how to change nowadays situation that will promote the improvement of patient care system. Improving healthcare quality for effective patient centered care we will improve own practical skills that will bring to the best results in future. In my opinion direct contact with expert staff physicians is one more opportunity to achieve career growth because only qualified specialists can help me to become great in chosen area. I think that every nurse should use opportunity to develop own professional skills and increase the level of knowledge because we are responsible for people’s health and life.

I applaud Ervin for his dedication to the medical field. I am pleased to know that there are men out there interested in the nursing field and who want the very best for their patients. It makes any hypothetical trips to the hospital less scary knowing that I might be helped by someone like Ervin who has a strong desire to help people and wants to use every opportunity to develop his professional skills and knowledge.

My only problem with it, really, is...if he's interested in me on a dating website, why did I need to see his résumé?

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