Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look! Look how special I am!

This is a short one, but I had to share. Because it amused me.

This guy was matched with me...

I am a very unique person.

We all think we're unique. Prove it, slick.

I do not smoke or drink.

Neither do I. That's not unique. Work harder.

I do not own a single pair of jeans.

That's just weird. What do you wear? Dress pants? That's pretentious. Sweat pants? Lazy. Wind pants? Are we back in 1993? This statement is only acceptable if you wear a kilt at all times.

I dont chew gum.

My mother doesn't, either. Sticks to her dental work. And by the way...what a useless fact. Is this supposed to turn me on?

I have never had a sip of coffee, but I have all the energy in the world.

Are you trying to say you do speed? You didn't say anything about drugs...

I try to look for the best in everything and I think very differently from everyone else that I have met.

Yes, because looking at the bright side is so unlike everyone else in the world. There are only, oh, a couple billion other people who think like that. That's all.

This is the epitome of someone who tries too hard to be different, and wants everyone to know it. Thumbs down.


  1. How're slacks pretentious? Only to sneeringly differentiate them from the plebes that wear jeans, I can see, but you seem to imply just not wearing jeans is pretentious enough.

  2. I was never notified of this commentation! er...

    It sounded to me like he wanted us to think he was "better" than jeans or something. And I think it's a little pretentious to put out there that he doesn't wear jeans to make himself look "unique." I imagine there are other people that are the same way. (And I find them equally weird, FYI.)

  3. No worries. I never get comments from here, anyway, and I only remember to check back in every time Ama shills you guys on twitter.

    Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense.