Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Return of IRMEDD420

What I neglected to mention in this post was that our good friend IRMEDD420 actually did IM me later that day. You remember IRMEDD420, right? He CAN BE A VERY SEXUALLY DOMINANT MAN and you should message him if you don’t mind that he doesn’t have a car. Now that we’re up to speed…

Because I am, at heart, a nice person, I talked to him for a while. Here are some choice snippets:

IRMEDD420: which pic is mosr recent?
IRMEDD420: most*
Me: the one at the top with the headphones.

Implied text: Y’know, the one labeled “November 2009” whereas the other two are labeled “May 2009” and “April 2009.”

IRMEDD420: i would love to take you out
Me: why's that?
IRMEDD420: cause your sexy lol
Me: well, that's a given. :P

Don’t look at me like that; you know I’m sexy.

IRMEDD420: you like a dominant guy?
Me: i suppose it depends on what he's dominating at.
IRMEDD420: in a sexual way

I gave him an out! Did you see that? I gave him an opening to not be creepy AND HE DIDN’T TAKE IT.

IRMEDD420: i bet your body is nice
Me: it has its moments.
IRMEDD420: i wish i could see your ass

If wishes were fishes, my friend.

IRMEDD420: you wanna go out tiffany?

Either he has more than one conversation going or he’s taking me out to buy some expensive jewelry. I’d go if it were the latter.

Me: to tiffany?
IRMEDD420: sorry that was another i/m comp keeps fucking up
IRMEDD420: i want to take you :)
IRMEDD420: out*
IRMEDD420: lol
IRMEDD420: [telephone number redacted, though I was tempted to leave it in hopes someone would prank him]

Yes. Yes, he did just give me his telephone number. If only it worked like that with that cute guy over there.

Me: pretend you're me for a minute. some random dude ims you and says he wants to take you out. you know nothing about this person. why would i want to put myself at risk like that?
IRMEDD420: are you attracted to me? i'm attracted to you i've made that quite clear

What I’m gathering from this is that because he finds me attractive, we should go out. I’m guessing that works on some girls, but considering he called me another girl’s name, I’m disinclined to acquiesce to his request.

Means no.

IRMEDD420: [gives his number again]
Me: do you think you're more likely to take me out if you speak to me?
IRMEDD420: yes
Me: why's that?
IRMEDD420: idk if you dont wanna i wont beg
Me: indeed.
IRMEDD420: so whats the decision woman?
Me: i'm gonna have to pass.

Seriously? He’s not going to beg, but he gave me his number twice? If that’s not begging, I don’t know what is. :P

I also wish he'd actually answered my question. Why would speaking to him make it more likely that we'd go out?


  1. I'm not gonna beg
    So what's the decision?


  2. I'm loving your phraseology.

    " I’m disinclined to acquiesce to his request.
    Means no."

    One just has to laugh out loud. Seriously. It's so refreshing to read the musings of an educated woman. Every post puts a smile on my face. Love the humor, the fact it's based on real life just makes it all the more enjoyable.
    ~Jaemac from swapbot