Monday, February 22, 2010

The Traditional Approach.

Today I bring you a couple more shining examples of the kind of men on the market for us single ladies, courtesy CraigsList (once again).

This one comes from the Hartford M4W LTR section.

So, this is totally messed up. I'm warning you, if you are in any way easily offended, just stop now, close it, I don't want to get emails telling me I'm messed up, I don't care.

I hate when I meet a girl who seems nice enough, cute, not dumb, has a job, etc, we go on a few dates, one thing leads to another, I'm going down on her, and her pussy is a mess. I'm realizing that how good a care a woman takes of herself there really relates to the rest of her life pretty accurately. So, send me a pussy picture. Everyone is hesitant to get to send out face photos are first anyways, so don't, snap a picture of yourself with your phone and email it to me. If it looks clean and delicious, we'll chat, if I don't respond, sorry! Sex isn't everything, but I want a woman who pays attention to detail and I think this will be a great indicator.

First of all, the fact that he knows this is weird? He gets an A+ for self-awareness, which indicates to me that he's not entirely certifiable. And he has a fair point, so long as he's relating it to prior experience. HOWEVER... Dude, I can see if he worked his way into it. Like... "We should talk for a while, then I'd like to see a picture of your pussy to determine if we're compatible." But to ask right away? That's a little off-putting. I'm tempted to reply (text only) just to see how much free porn he's collected.

And then this gem from Western Massachusetts M4W LTR.

looking for a girl has always been kinda hard for me .. ive been told i have kinda high standards. i dont think i do i jus look for a girl who is between 5'3" - 5'6". white or latina. between 17-21 years old. someone who wants a baby. i can be in a relationship wit yu.. or honestly im down for gettin a girl prego an they jus havin the baby givin it to me n bouncin. but. i kno this isnt really the place to look for this kinda stuff. but if interested send a message. its nice to have pics too. please non-judgmental ladies please. (im bi)

Whoa, there much here.

He doesn't think he has high standards - but all he wants is a girl between 5'3" and 5'6". Nope, not picky at all. Oh, and he also wants her to be white or latina. That certainly does not exclude approximately 80% of the world's population or anything. And she needs to be between 17 and 21, and also want a baby. Sounds to me like he could go for just about anyone!

But wait just a minute... He wants to knock up a chick and take the baby? It's all coming together... He's really just looking for an egg donor. That's why all the qualifications. More power to him, but on CraigsList? I know fertility clinics are expensive, but at least try instead.

And I love that he's worried about women judging his bisexuality. Because the other part of this is entirely normal.

Just another day looking for love on the internet...

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