Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Very Specific Wants

So, I sign onto my little account and am greeted by the following tagline:

shareing,like to talk,like making money to move ahead,active,like good food and good times more about me i really enjoy life yes

I’m not even sure what that means, honestly. It’s like he took what should have gone under “Things I Like to Do” and shoved them all into the complete wrong spot. I suppose it did its job as I did actually click through to his profile. The things I do for you, my adoring readers…

I'm looking to get things planed for the future and maintain a heathy life style,

I approve of this. Shows he has a good head on his shoulders. Well, except for the heathy part. He lives in Pennsylvania; no heath to be found (that I know of). So that will be difficult. Admirable goal, though.

with a women i need one with stibility and a good head on her shoulders

I also approve of this, though it makes me wonder how many responses he gets from women who start off with “I’m a crazy bitch who can’t hold down a job and makes totally irrational decisions” that he had to put that disclaimer in there.

one that can be a good mother

I’m not a very good feminist. I’ll admit that right up front. I would love to get married and stay home to raise my children. However, when a guy points out to me that one of the key things he wants in a woman is that she can be a good mother, it makes me twitch. Involuntarily. Spastically. Then I feel like getting all Rosie the Riveter on his ass.

a women that never forgets to ask how my day went and mean it

Another one who wants me to WANT to do the dishes. The hell?

one that is there when i can't be

Where is there? “There” as in “there for me?” …in which case, how am I supposed to be there for him when he’s not there? Does he mean “there” as in “home with the kids?” …because if so, reread the Rosie the Riveter comment.

And what does he mean “can’t” be? Can’t…like…is-in-prison-can’t? Err...

one that can enjoy the company of my friends and family

I read the words you’re writing, but for some reason, all I can envision is a harpy of a mother-in-law and a group of MANFRIENDS who do nothing but drink beer, belch, and scratch themselves.

one that holds her head high

Is the other option looking for a woman who advertises her ability to be self-deprecating? Or does he want someone who's good at playing sober when the cops come looking for the weed?

one that can turn the playing on and off to keep it fun

To keep WHAT fun? I’m so disturbed.

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